Join neopolia

To join Neopolia and its clusters, there is a two-step process:

Step 1
Become a member of the Neopolia network

You must

  • be an industrial company 
  • have at least one set of business premises in the Pays de la Loire region
  • operate in one of the 6 markets covered by Neopolia: Aerospace, Land Mobility, Marine, Nuclear, Oil & Gas, Renewable Marine Energy 
  • pay an annual subscription to the network 

Any membership application is subject to approval by Neopolia's Board of Directors and is only granted after approval by this body.

Step 2
Become a member of a cluster

You must

  • sign the cooperation charter for the cluster
  • pay an annual cluster contribution

Any application for membership of a cluster is subject to approval by the relevant cluster's Steering Committee and is only granted after approval by this body.


To find out about the services offered by Neopolia and its clusters and the membership rates, go to "Why join us?" 

To join Neopolia, please fill in the following form:

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