About us

Neopolia, a business-oriented network

Neopolia is a network which brings together industrial companies from the Pays de la Loire region.  

An association founded and run by local business owners aiming to increase diversification and competitiveness of companies in the region, Neopolia supports clients in their innovative approaches and works alongside regional bodies to ensure balanced industrial development of the local area.

Our 6 business clusters ( Aerospace, Land Mobility , Marine,  Nuclear - Atom Ouest , Oil & Gas and Renewable Marine Energy ) embody our market focus. They reflect the will of companies in the region to gather round a shared strategy and a joint industrial solution in order to expand into new domestic and export markets.

In 2015, Neopolia has about 240 member companies representing 18,000 jobs with a total turnover of 1.6 billion euros.

Some key figures

Data number Neopolia 2016


Our history

1999 : Formation of "POLE Marine" jointly instigated by DATAR (the French government planning and investment promotion agency), CCI Nantes/Saint-Nazaire and a dozen company directors in Saint-Nazaire.

2003 : "POLE Marine" acquires French "association" status. It is headed up by Jean-Claude Pelleteur.

2007 : "POLE Marine" becomes "NEOPOLIA" (non-profit-making association under French law) to reflect by-now multi-sector activity following exploration of markets with high growth potential (aeronautics, oil & gas, rail).

2009 : Launch of Neopolia Aerospace, our first business cluster,  .

2010 : Neopolia is recognised as a cluster driving market innovation ("Grappe d'entreprise" status) by the French Ministry for Rural and Regional Development.

2011 : Launch of the fifth diversification sector, dedicated to Marine Renewable Energies, in conjunction with the construction of wind farms off the coasts of Saint-Nazaire.

2012 : Creation of the 5th business cluster MRE. Participation in the European project AUXNAVALIA +, aiming at improving competitiveness and innovative capacity of the maritime industry in the Atlantic Arc. First orders for companies in the Rail (Bombardier) and Marine (SITAC Calais) clusters.

2013 : Jean-Claude Chartier was elected President of Neopolia. Deploying the Program "Naval 2013" aiming at supporting companies impacted by the decline of their activity in the shipbuilding sector. First order for 3 companies of the Aerospace Cluster (AEROLIA). Deployment of the new graphic identity of Neopolia.

2014 : New commercial success for our clusters confirm the validity of our model. Commercial export development towards Brazil for Neopolia Oil & Gas. Election of a new Board with Jean-Claude Chartier as President.

2015 : Delivery of the Loire Princess, the first river boat produced by 18 companies of Neopolia Marine. Alain Leroy and Hervé Germain are elected President and 1st Vice-President.